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Bayseal spray foam

Bayer Material Science Bayseal spray foamBayseal spray foam insulation materials are manufactured to meet a variety of specifications and standards. Selecting the best-suited insulation for residential, commercial and other construction projects is dependant on building performance objectives. Bayseal insulation not only provides an extremely high R-value but the ability to minimize air intrusion, accumulation, radiative heat transfer and air movement.

Bayseal CC is a closed-cell foam seals the building envelope to create an optimal energy efficient environment. Bayseal insulation is recommended for non-vented attics, ceilings, floors, foundations, piping, and non-vented crawl spaces. Bayseal offers an aged R-value of 6.9 per inch.  Click here for the materials data sheet.

Bayseal OC open-cell polyurethane foam technology offers a complete air barrier system. Buildings insulated with Bayseal OC provide occupants a quieter and more comfortable indoor space. Bayseal OC adds significant energy efficiency value by filling open voids, cracks and crevices during installation. Bayseal OC insulation is recommended for walls, attics, ceilings and floors. Bayseal OC offers an aged R-value of 3.9 per inch. Click here for the materials data sheet.