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Duct Sealing

duct sealingLeaky ducts are a common source of energy waste, discomfort in the home, and poor indoor air quality. Even if a building is equipped with the latest, high efficiency HVAC equipment, if may continue to suffer from poor comfort and high energy bills due to leaky ducts 

Duct Testing:

Our process begins with a duct blaster test to determine whether your building has a duct leakage problem. This is a fairly simple test that is similar in many ways to a blower door test. We reduce the air pressure within the duct system and measure the rate at which air infiltrates the ducts, enabling us to identify how "leaky" the ducts are and how much they could be improved.

Duct Sealing & Insulation:

If our duct test determines that your home could benefit from a duct sealing and duct insulation upgrade, we begin the upgrade process. Sealing your ducts where they are most in need of sealing, we improve the efficiency with which your HVAC system distributes air throughout the home. This leads to lower energy bills, improved comfort, and improved indoor air quality.

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