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Demilec develops and manufactures some of the highest performing polyurethane spray foam products in the world. Following our commitment to environmental protection and improvement, we have expanded our product line with spray foam insulation products that use renewable and recycled content. These products provide comfort and energy efficiency for homes and buildings of all sizes


Open-cell spray foam insulation has tiny cells which are not completely closed. Open-cell is usually less expensive because it is developed using fewer chemicals. Open-cell is superior as an air barrier, and is sponge-like in appearance. It is often used to insulate interior walls because it minimizes outdoor noise intrusion. It is not recommended for outdoor applications.


Closed-cell spray foam insulation is a higher-density foam than open-cell. The structure of the actual cells are more compact. It is both an air barrier, water-resistive, and vapor barrier. Closed-cell can be installed anywhere in the home.